Virtual reality may look cool, but it will feel empty without community

It’s a great time to be in the virtual-reality business. While Facebook, Microsoft, Samsung and Google are investing billions in hardware, we’re experiencing a content gold rush.

But many people making VR content today seem to think the endgame is creating an experience that fully conveys a place – a trip to Mars or the Grand Canyon. “What if you could travel to faraway lands in a heartbeat?” asks an introductory video produced by the makers of Oculus Rift – a VR headset – as the camera flits from a stilt house in Southeast Asia to an African safari.

Putting the latest technology to the test at Virtual Reality Los Angeles

A visitor to the Virtual Reality Los Angeles Summer Expo dons a virtual reality headset. Technology has come a long way since the days of Nintendo’s Virtual Boy , the video game console that first introduced a virtual reality experience to households in the […]

Virtual Reality Has Arrived, But Not for Full-length Movies

Virtual reality, or VR, has exploded onto the consumer market this year. While people can watch short VR content and even play games in VR, consumers who want to watch a fully immersive, full-length movie in virtual reality will have to wait.

There are a couple of reasons why full-length VR films are problematic, according to Lucas Wilson, Supersphere VR founder and executive producer. First, viewing technology is still in its infancy.

Oculus still has doubts about room-scale virtual reality

When it comes to virtual reality hardware, the question of whether room-scale tracking is necessary remains a contentious issue. Last week, Oculus’ head of content Jason Rubin offered a rather definitive stance on behalf of his company while speaking at Gamescom 2016.

The Oculus Touch motion controller works by communicating with two sensors that are placed in front of the user. This means that the player can’t turn a full 360 degrees while in-game, because their body would prevent the sensors from tracking the controller — Rubin claims that about 270 degrees of rotation is trackable, according to a report from Road to VR.

Technicolor Launching Augmented and Virtual Reality Experience Center

Technicolor is opening a Technicolor Experience Center to develop content, platforms and technology for virtual reality, augmented reality and other evolving media applications. The company is in the process of leasing new space in Culver City for the operation.

The facility will be led by longtime Technicolor exec Marcie Jastrow, who has been named senior vp of immersive media for Technicolor. She’ll be joined by employees from various Technicolor businesses as well as some new hires.