20 Companies Like Oculus Making Money Off Virtual Reality

(c/o GOBankingRates.com) Virtual reality is poised to make a lot of companies some very real money . In fact, earlier this year, Goldman Sachs researcher Heather Bellini estimated that the virtual reality and augmented reality industry will be an $80 billion market by 2025. That is the size of today’s desktop PC market. Perhaps that is why there is no shortage of companies rushing into the VR space and providing everything from complete virtual reality systems to gaming goggles and virtual reality games. Click through to see 20 companies cashing in on the very real virtual reality market. 1. […]

Just like the real thing! Virtual reality gamer faceplants in the middle of a store while pretending to climb a tree

Ouch – that’s gotta hurt! This video shows how real virtual reality can appear to be – leading to a man to face plant in the middle of a store. It’s not clear where the clip was filmed, but the man had been testing out a virtual reality game in a store in the United States. This video shows how real virtual reality can appear to be – leading to a man to face plant in the middle of a store Wearing a headset and holding controllers in both hands, he is seen raising both his arms as he […]

ABBA Plan ‘Previously Unimagined’ Virtual Reality Experience

ABBA have teamed with Simon Fuller for a digital experience that would employ "previously unimagined" technology, including virtual reality. It’s not quite an ABBA reunion, but it’s virtually the same thing: The long-dormant Swedish hitmakers have teamed with American Idol creator Simon Fuller for a digital experience that would employ "previously unimagined" technology, including virtual reality. ABBA’s Benny Andersson Talks Hall of Fame Induction, Band’s Reunion Prospects All four members of legendary pop act sing "Me and I" at private gala, their first performance since 1986 ABBA and Fuller announced the project Wednesday, promising "a groundbreaking venture that will […]

IGNITION 2016: This company could become the Pixar of virtual reality

CEO and cofounder of Baobab Studios, Maureen Fan. Virtual reality. The words conjure up fascinating, futuristic possibilities — a new technological frontier for pioneers to explore. But successfully pulling off VR requires a special ingredient that dates back to the beginning of human history: compelling storytelling. That’s where Maureen Fan, the CEO and cofounder of Baobab Studios , comes in. A lifelong fan of animated films and a former Pixar intern, Fan has built up a team of former Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks Animation employees to work on narrative VR projects . Baobab Studios has already unveiled two such […]

Startup commercializing virtual reality sickness solutions, helps move virtual reality mainstream

David Whittinghill, works with Richelle Fosu, a doctoral student in technology at Purdue, researching different applications that could benefit from the use of a virtual reality nose. The virtual reality nose could be implemented in to a … Virtual reality sickness has become a major challenge in the virtual reality space, hindering product launches and mainstream adoption. Despite such challenges, 2016 is being called "the year of virtual reality." Startup Virtualis LLC is commercializing innovations developed at Purdue University that could allow better virtual reality experiences for users, decreasing the effects of VR sickness and increasing the amount of […]

Soon Your Doctor Might Prescribe Virtual Reality Instead Of Painkillers

The next time you have a headache, a Swedish pharmacy wants you to strap on a virtual reality headset and pretend you’re sitting next to a campfire by a lake in Sweden, watching the Northern Lights as night falls. The pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat, designed a free VR app for pain relief called Happy Place. "Pain prevention is not just pharmaceuticals," says Annika Svedberg, head pharmacist at Apotek Hjärtat. "There are alternative ways to treat pain, for example with exercise or massage. With Happy Place, we wanted to offer people the opportunity to try a completely new way to manage […]

‘Invisible’: A rousing all-round thriller in virtual reality

In this image released by Conde Nast Entertainment (CNE) Jerome Sable, foreground from left, Doug Liman and Julina Tatlock appear on the set of “Invisible,” a scripted sci-fi series in… (Conde Nast Entertainment via AP) NEW YORK (AP) — Here’s a series that aims to break rules in every direction. Though it unfolds in 360-degree virtual reality, “Invisible” is a scripted tale of sci-fi corporate treachery that draws from a century’s worth of 2-D filmmaking lore. “Invisible” will feel familiar to any fan of melodrama: It tells a straight-ahead story of the wealthy and ruthless Ashland family, whose grip […]

Watching an NBA game in virtual reality: Some ‘wow’ moments, but I prefer the regular broadcast

Watching the Spurs vs. Kings game in VR; streaming the Clippers vs. Blazers game via TNT; drafting my fantasy basketball team on Yahoo. Welcome to NBA consumption, 2016. I’ve never sat courtside as a fan at an NBA game. But thanks to virtual reality, I checked off that bucket list item on Thursday evening. Well, kind of. The Spurs took on the Kings last night in Sacramento and it marked the first of 25 games the NBA will stream in virtual reality, working with Laguna Beach, Calif.-based startup NextVR for the innovative offering . Last season, the NBA experimented […]

DISTURBED Releases Virtual Reality Experience For ‘The Sound Of Silence’ Via LITTLSTAR

DISTURBED has released a virtual reality experience for the band’s certified-platinum single, a cover version of SIMON & GARFUNKEL ‘s "The Sound Of Silence" , via Littlstar , the premier global network dedicated to immersive virtual reality and 360-degree video. The video was produced by Dekker Dreyer of Clever Fox , and was directed by Matt Mahurin , who also created the visually stunning official video for "The Sound Of Silence" , which has accumulated more than 125 million YouTube views. Set in a dystopian world, the VR experience expands on the universe first introduced in the official video. […]