3 Scorching Hot Virtual Reality Stocks — Are They Buys?

Image source: Getty Images. The virtual reality (VR) market is still in its early stages, but its size is expected to reach $70 billion by 2020, according to TrendForce. Small and large companies alike are starting to make big investments in VR, but there are three companies that stand out as potential long-term VR winners: NVIDIA ( NASDAQ:NVDA ), Advanced Micro Devices ( NASDAQ:AMD ), and Facebook ( NASDAQ:FB ). To find out whether these stocks are good buys, let’s take a look at what the companies are doing in the VR space: NVIDIA NVIDIA’s opportunity in the virtual […]

Could virtual reality replace high street shopping by 2050?

Virtual reality (VR) shopping sprees could spell the end for physical high street retailers by 2050, according to new research. Experts writing in The Future Of Shopping report talk about the impact the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ – a merging of physical, digital and biological technologies – on shopping. Instead of flocking to department stores and boutique shops, they believe shoppers will make all their purchases from home. In under 35 years time, shoppers will be more likely to be trying on clothes in virtual changing rooms rather than real ones, and getting advice from artificial intelligence (AI) shop assistants […]

PavaPro360 Virtual Reality Headset w/ Bluetooth Remote & Two-Year Warranty

464-616 – PavaPro360 Virtual Reality Headset w/ Bluetooth Remote & Two-Year Warranty PavaPro360 Virtual Reality Headset w/ Bluetooth Remote & Two-Year Warranty Step into the world of Virtual Reality using your smartphone and the PavaPro360 Headset. View VR app content by sliding your smartphone into the protective phone bracket. Secure the PavaPro360 headset using the adjustable belt and experience content in full 360° view. The PavaPro360 is fully adjustable and designed to use with most smartphones to 6.4" in size. You can now have access to immersive 3D videos, games and augmented reality. The future is now – strap […]

A whole new virtual reality world

Five new VR works at the Phi Centre offer viewers a window into another world Virtual reality takes on a whole new dimension at the Phi Centre’s Virtual Reality Garden. From now until March 2017, five works bring a whole new perspective to virtual reality by exploring a new way of storytelling: animation. The Phi Centre, which has presented several award-winning immersive works in its Virtual Reality (VR) Garden, presents another round of short films and immersive works to captivate audiences and pull them into the story. While past virtual reality works at the Phi Centre mainly featured actual […]

Poliakov debuts virtual reality experience

French vodka brand Poliakov has unveiled a new immersive digital experience titled Poliakov Ice Quest. A bespoke Polikov cardboard enhances the 3D effect Poliakov Vodka has developed a new virtual reality (VR) experience using the HTC Vive headset – said to be the best VR device currently on the market. This new technology uses headphones, headset and joysticks to stimulate senses, and takes users through a “unique freezing and futuristic universe” through an immersive VR video game. “We wanted to ensure maximum interactions for the player” said William Ploquin-Maurell, international Poliakov brand manager. A select few Poliakov fans were […]

Zelda fan recreates The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask in virtual reality

Game developer and Zelda fan Pablo Belmonte has released a new video that showcases his recreation of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – in virtual reality. The new gameplay video shows the first clocktown segment of the game right after players progress through the game’s Unfortunate Events chapter. The game that is being showcased in the new video is the same game that was teased with a jaw-dropping trailer back in 2012. The game has been in development ever since. The future of the project is uncertain because Belmonte does not have the appropriate licenses to do anything […]

MIT develops technology for wireless Virtual Reality headsets

0 Virtual reality headsets are among the most resource hungry consumer technology products around. High resolution, three sixty degrees of video, in binocular vision has to be moved from a computer to the headset, in real-time. This requires a bandwidth of 6Gbps. Such capabilities just do not exist in conventional VR headsets, which require a cord to be connected to a computer. The cord can hamper movement, make people trip during experiences, and can potentially get entangled in an environment with multiple users. The limitation has lead VR developers to come up with cumbersome solutions such as packing in […]

Tethered VR Headsets Could Be A Thing Of The Past Soon; MIT’s ‘MoVr’ System Allows VR Headsets To Communicate Without A Cord

MIT has again impressed the tech industry with their virtual reality system that doesn’t come with a cable. (Photo: Marques Brownlee/YouTube Screenshot) Wearing a virtual reality headset, whether the Oculus Rift, the PS VR or the HTC Vive, requires a gamer to use a cable that’s tethered to a supercomputer. This enables the virtual world to materialize and is by far the only way to go. However, MIT’s researchers from the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) may have a solution to get rid of the meddling cords, through "MoVr." The "MoVr," a wireless virtual reality system, uses […]

Could We See a Dark Souls Game In Virtual Reality?

Just because the Dark Souls saga had come to a close with Dark Souls III earlier this year doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see the franchise again. In fact, Bandai Namco may have plans in place to introduce it to a new format – virtual reality. UploadVR recently reported that, prior to the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards that took place last week, Dark Souls producer Atsuo Yoshimura was asked a few questions about the virtual reality format. One person then asked if we would possibly see Dark Souls make its debut in said format, to which he surprisingly responded, "Yes." […]

Strapping a huge PC to your back will not fix VR

virtual reality headset Gaming PCs don’t belong on your back, but that’s not stopping Zotac from building a wearable, battery-powered gaming rig that hangs from your shoulders. Why? Well, virtual reality, of course! Like it or not, virtual reality is being held back by hardware that simply can’t keep pace with the software it runs. We already have exquisitely detailed, gorgeous virtual worlds on gaming computers, but finding a way to cram them into a pair of goggles has been an absolute nightmare. DON’T MISS: ‘No Man’s Sky’ Foundation Update: Base building, new modes and more The PSVR, HTC […]

Google takes pupils at Pirehill First School on virtual reality field trips

Pirehill First School pupils Fearne Doyle and Will Swainston try out the new technology Pupils were taken on virtual field trips to Mars, the Great Barrier Reef and Buckingham Palace – while never leaving their classroom. The children at Pirehill First School in Stone experienced the possible future of learning through the Google Expeditions virtual reality session. Google provides schools with 3D ‘Cardboard’ headsets, along with an expert to help teachers run lessons using the technology. The class can then explore locations around the world – and beyond – which they might never normally get the chance to visit. […]

UTSA professor receives grant for therapeutic underwater virtual reality game

IMAGE: This image from the Shark Punch game shows the shark in the water attacking the user, as the user fends it off. view more John Quarles, an associate professor of computer science at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), has received a $240,000 grant from the National Science Foundation for his top-tier underwater virtual reality research. This includes Quarles’s game, "Shark Punch," which was made with everyday items like smart phones and dive masks and is as therapeutic as it is entertaining. "I’d been considering the idea of an aquatic game for a while," said Quarles, […]

Hell and High Water is now a virtual-reality experience

In March, ProPublica and the Texas Tribune published Hell and High Water , an interactive story that raised an alarm about Houston’s vulnerability to coastal storms. Today, a team at the University of Southern California is launching a virtual-reality experience based on those stories. It’s called Hell and High Water VR. The Houston Ship Channel is one of the country’s biggest petrochemical refining centers. It’s also home to storage tanks that contain billions of gallons of oil and toxic chemicals. The ProPublica/Tribune investigation drew on cutting-edge research and supercomputer-generated storm models to simulate a storm scientists say has about […]

Students experience dementia via virtual reality

Keio University students wear virtual reality headsets to experience what it is like to have dementia at an event in Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture, on Oct. 27. | KYODO What does it feel like to forget where you are and why you’re at a place — in other words, what is it like to experience the symptoms of dementia? Silver Wood Corp., operator of a housing complex for elderly people, has developed a virtual reality video that allows people to experience what it feels like to have dementia in hopes it will increase understanding of the illness. In October, 20 […]

Dark Souls Franchise To Find Its Way In Virtual Reality; How To Remedy Nausea Due To Constant Tumbling

This year is the dawn of VR gaming and it seems that all current AAA games are jumping into the bandwagon in and become VR games. Credit:YouTube / Lobos Jr A report says that Dark Souls 3 producer Atsuo Yoshimura seemingly suggest that Dark Souls is coming to VR and the project is currently in the works. Yoshimura also added that their company, From Software, ‘hopes’ to introduce the whole franchise into VR headsets. Now, we’re talking. Dark Souls is incredible in big screens, this game might make me decide to get a VR headset, if it’s that good. […]

The shocking virtual reality video that claims to simulate the horrors of a drink driving car crash

A new virtual reality video aims to give viewers a first person perspective of the horrors of drink driving. Diageo, which owns alcohol brands including Smirnoff and Guinness, has produced a 360° video which shows a three-car pile-up caused by a drunk driver. But despite the graphic depiction of a car accident, the VR video has been criticised for not going far enough in depicting the horrors of a drink driving car crash. Scroll down for video Global drinks giant Diageo, which owns alcohol brands including Smirnoff and Guinness, produced the 360° video which shows a three-car pile-up caused […]

W3C Releases Report on Virtual Reality

November 22, 2016 — In addition to this week’s NewsBreaks article and the monthly NewsLink Spotlight , Information Today, Inc. (ITI) offers Weekly News Digests that feature recent product news and company announcements. Watch for additional coverage to appear in the next print issue of Information Today . For other up-to-the-minute news, check out ITI’s Twitter account: @ITINewsBreaks . CLICK HERE to view more Weekly News Digest items. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published a report based on its web and virtual reality (VR) workshop held Oct. 19–20, 2016. Representatives from more than 70 organizations—including Apple, Dolby, Google, […]

Dubai Film Fest reveals first Virtual Reality lineup of stories

The 13th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will take audiences on an immersive and boundary-pushing journey of storytelling with an all-new Virtual Reality (VR) lineup titled DIFFerent REALITY added to the Festival programme for the first time. Ten of the world’s most advanced VR films, including five world premieres, will provide an unmatched cinematic viewing experience hosted within the Festival Headquarter at the Madinat Jumeriah, the home of DIFF for cinephiles and industry professionals alike at the Festival, which runs from 8-14 December, 2016. DIFF’s Artistic Director, Masoud Amralla Al Ali commented on the new segment: […]

Hilarious! Liberals Turn to Virtual Reality to Avoid Trump!

Sometimes when you’re arguing with liberals, you have to wonder what world they live in. If you’ve paid attention to the mainstream media lately (and I sure as hell don’t blame you if you haven’t) you’ll see that they learned absolutely NOTHING from Trump’s triumph. Trump only won, according to them, because the American public is full of racists, sexists, Islamophobes, homophobes – and other serious charges that liberals have turned into buzzwords. What world could they possibly live in, where the same nation that election its first black President by historic margins TWICE turned to racism overnight? You’d […]

Virtual Reality Could Help You Annihilate Your Phobias

News With so much technology surrounding us and more being added every day, it gets really hard to keep track of it all. We hear the terms VR and AR tossed around a lot, particularly by the likes of Apple and Google (who recently released their own VR experience ), but what the heck does it all actually mean? Well, it turns out virtual and augmented reality aren’t just for gamers. We’re going to break down for you exactly what AR and VR are and what they mean for you. WHAT IS VR/AR? Virtual reality is the use of […]