HTC Vive $100 Off For A Limited Time: Buy It For $699 At The HTC Store And Amazon, But Microsoft Has An Even Better Offer

The HTC Vive has received a limited-time discount of $100, taking the price of the virtual reality headset down to $699. The offer can be availed through the HTC Store, Amazon, or the Microsoft Store. ( The HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset said to be the preferred one among video game developers, has received a limited-time discount of $100. Customers who are interested in finally diving into the realm of virtual reality should take advantage of the offer to purchase the HTC Vive for only $699, compared with its original price of $799. How To Avail The HTC […]

New way for kids to explore

The View-Master Starter Pack viewer and View-Master Experience Pack are available at Toys R Us stores as well as the Mattel Christmas roadshow. THE new View-Master Virtual Reality viewer offers a chance for girls and boys to experience the world of virtual reality this holiday season. Boys of Mattel South-East Asia senior brand manager Christine Chan said for the past 75 years, the View-Master had given children an opportunity to experience and explore the wonders of 3D. “Today, with the new View-Master Virtual Reality viewer, children can experience a whole new level of realism which will allow them to […]

Decatur company hopes to take jurors inside crime with virtual reality

Body cameras can help explain how a crime unfolded, but now a Decatur-based company wants to use those same cameras to help jurors experience the crime scene for themselves. Utility’s vice president of technology, Simon Araya, said the Smart Scene 360 allows officers to capture a crime scene or evidence within minutes. The program, loaded onto the officer’s phone, guides them as they take a series of photos that will be stitched into a virtual image. With the help of some special glasses, the picture becomes an immersive experience where the viewer can look up, down, behind them and […]

Facebook Acquires The Eye Tribe: How Will The Eye-Tracking Startup Improve The Oculus Rift?

Facebook has acquired The Eye Tribe, which is an eye-tracking technology startup. The social media company made the acquisition to further improve the capabilities of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. ( Oculus ) Facebook has acquired The Eye Tribe, a startup that is working on software that tracks the eye movements of the wearer of a virtual reality headset. The acquisition, for which the price has not been revealed, was made to benefit the social media company’s Oculus virtual reality unit and the Oculus Rift system. The Development Of Virtual Reality Today’s virtual reality systems have gone a […]

Why the future of VR is all down to touch control

In 2016, 21st-century virtual reality really arrived. From cheap mobile experiences to exuberant desktop machines, if you wanted to dive into a virtual world, there was a way. But while the headsets opened up possibilities, the new breed of touch controllers are the virtual hands drawing you in. When you first don a VR headset you’re transported to another world, but suspending disbelief is required to keep you there. With the simple wand-like controllers or joypads, that’s pretty hard – you know you’re using a controller on the outside rather than your hands on the inside, which drags you […]

VR/AR In 2017: Where Will Virtual/Augmented Reality Go In The Coming Year?

So far as new, exciting consumer technology goes, virtual/augmented reality systems were quite the buzz in 2016. And there may have been a few duds, such as the revelation that the first promotional video by Magic Leap was faked, but there was plenty of positive news as well. Beyond the games and related hardware, what other exciting developments can we expect in the AR/VR world in 2017? And how do we separate the hype from reality? International Business Times spoke to some industry experts. Speaking about hardware, Shane Scranton, CEO and co-founder of IrisVR, said: “VR hardware will face […]

Driverless cars, 4K TVs and virtual reality: Tech trends of 2017 to be revealed

In January the Consumer Electronics Show – better known as CES – begins in Las Vegas. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry will show off their latest products as well as concept ideas for where the industry is heading in the next year and beyond. Last year we saw driverless cars, the birth of mainstream virtual reality and TV screens you could roll up like a newspaper, so CES is right on the bleeding edge of innovation. With that in mind, what should we expect at the show in 2017? TVs (Shane Gladstone/PA) A tradition for […]

Oculus Rift vs. HTC Vive – A Glimpse Into The Future

Virtual Reality junkies have set their eyes upon two major hits that were released eight months ago. The rivals are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. A lot of people have focused on mobile devices related VR content but now its turn for high-end PC-based VR kits to shine. Offering an end-of-the-year comparison between the two pieces of kit, let’s see how this sums up the year in terms of Virtual Reality. They are both immaculate devices with no other competitors to even match their reign. If you have a PC that can sport VR setup, please keep these […]

Google Earth Virtual Reality Takes You All Over The World

Being based on Google’s Street View combined with Google Earth it will allow its users to travel all over the world from the comfort of their own homes. Things like commitment, family and work will not be considered a hindrance anymore as Google is trying to offer its users the possibility of exploring. A virtual version of Google Earth is going to be developed and it will be compatible with most virtual reality headsets. It should work exactly as a combination between Google Earth and Google Street View but this time it’s right in front of your eyes as […]

Nintendo Switch UPDATE: NX gets open-world games boost, as more specs REVEALED

Nintendo Switch specs revealed, and it’s good news for fans of open-world games Nintendo Switch specs have been revealed ahead of the console’s March release date. And it’s good news for fans of open-world games, because the Nintendo Switch architecture is said to be particularly well suited to the genre. Unfortunately, however, despite the recent discovery of a VR patent, virtual reality is unlikely to make it to the Nintendo Switch. The new facts and findings were uncovered by Wall Street Journal tech reporter Takashi Mochizuki, who told followers on Twitter: "Ace Research Institute analyst Yasuda: Nintendo Switch uses […]

PlayStation VR update: Sony launches MASSIVE new feature to tempt casual fans

PlayStation VR gets a new movie and TV app called Jaunt PlayStation VR is about more than just games, as Sony teams with Janut to launch an immersive new TV and movie app. The PSVR Jaunt app features a huge selection of virtual reality programming, and gives users the chance to watch films in 360 degrees. This puts viewers in the thick of the action and is sure to appeal to casual fans who might not be as interested in PlayStation VR’s gaming capabilities. Jaunt CEO George Kliavkoff said: "We’re thrilled to introduce our dynamic list of immersive VR […]

‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Gets Virtual Reality Makeover – Take A Stroll With Dinosaurs In ‘ARK Park’ 2017 PlayStation Version

Take a virtual stroll with "ARK: Survival Evolved" dinosaurs in "ARK Park" 2017. ( PlayStation /YouTube ) Great news awaits "ARK: Survival Evolved" players as Studio Wildcard seems to be on a roll with new updates and features for the game. After a long time of waiting, Studio Wildcard finally released a PlayStation 4 version of the dinosaur-survival action game. Studio Wildcard’s venture into the realm of Virtual Reality is perfectly displayed in "ARK: Survival Evolved" latest update . According to reports, the PlayStation 4 VR mode will be called "ARK Park " where players can skip the survival-action […]

Sony PlayStation VR Review: Sony Shows How To Balance User Experience & Affordability

A customer tries the new PlayStation VR at Sony Square NYC on October 13, 2016 in New York City. Sony launched its $399 PlayStation VR that links to PlayStation 4 to give gamers a virtual reality gaming experience. ( Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images ) Sony is differentiating its PlayStation VR from HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift by offering the same high-quality, super-immersive experiences but at an affordable cost. The other two come at steep prices and is not affordable by many. Google and Samsung are also offering headsets powered by a user’s smartphone. These too are affordable […]

Virtual Reality Content 2016 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 127.97% and Forecast to 2020

WiseGuyReports.Com Publish a New Market Research Report On – “Virtual Reality Content 2016 Global Market Expected to Grow at CAGR 127.97% and Forecast to 2020”. The analysts forecast the global VR content market to grow at a CAGR of 127.97% during the period 2016-2020. VR is an artificial environment that is created using software and hardware. The content is in 3D form, giving users a virtual experience. The 3D image is the simplest form of VR that can be explored on a PC by using a keyboard or mouse as a controller to move the image or zoom in […]

Grab a virtual reality bargain this Xmas from the Oculus Store

If you’ve chased the VR dream in 2016 and plonked some cash on an Oculus Rift – here’s our review if you need reminding just how strong a headset it is – then you’ll soon have plenty to keep you occupied this Xmas with the Oculus Winter Sale . Games such as the brilliant The Climb (pictured above) and sci-fi dogfighter EE: Valkyrie are on sale for up 70 per cent off, which is a pretty huge price cut when you consider how expensive most of these titles are outside of sales. How Oculus hopes to bring VR to […]

Fad or future? Virtual reality could become everyday tech

In this undated photo from Samsung, a man tries out the company’s Gear VR virtual reality headset during a public unveiling. Gear VR debuted in November 2015. It’s too early to say yet, but we could look back on this Christmas season as the time when home-based virtual reality took off. Three tethered virtual reality consoles — including one from entertainment giant Sony — were released for sale this year. Each set uses computer hardware tied to a headset that fills the user’s vision with wraparound 3-D images, and his or her hearing with 3-dimensional audio. The result gives […]

3D Imaging Solutions Provider FARO Acquires mwf-technology, Increasing Mobile Virtual and Augmented Reality Footprint

3D measurement and imaging solutions provider FARO, whose valuable services in the field of forensics we’ve written about before, recently announced its acquisition of German augmented reality (AR) solutions company mwf-technology GmbH . Technology from mwf allows for large, complex 3D CAD data to be transferred over to another device, like a tablet, and used for a mobile visualization and comparison to conditions in the real world. It facilitates real time, actionable manufacturing insight that can be used for in-process transition, positioning, assembly, and guidance. The technology will be extremely helpful as FARO, which also provides solutions for factory […]

HTC’s Cryptic ‘for U’ Tweet Could Signal a Move into Augmented Reality

Earlier this week, a mysterious tweet appeared on the HTC Twitter account of a picture containing the letter "U" topped with a tiny "for" and the date "01.12.2017" at the bottom. It is a pretty solid teaser, but for a company that has had a solid year with their Vive virtual reality headset, and all of the other technological appendages they have, it seems a bit ominous for them. The day before the HTC tweet happened, news came out that Israeli-based Lumus announced a successful Series C round of funding for its augmented reality displays . The company had […]

Oculus Rift: Do Oculus Touch Controllers Make VR System As Good As HTC Vive?

The Oculus Rift arrived earlier this spring to mixed reviews. Fortune summarized the general feeling upon the Rift’s arrival. “The Oculus Rift is proving to be about as divisive as virtual reality itself. Tech critics love the headset, but reviews from mainstream outlets are far less flattering,” said columnist Chris Morris, adding that consumer sentiment has been about the same. The New York Times claimed the Oculus Rift was a clunky portal to a promising virtual reality . “I can report that while the Rift is a well-built hardware system brimming with potential, the first wave of apps and […]

Can Virtual Reality Enhance Our Reality?

We’re sorry, but your browser does not support this video. Please install Adobe Flash version 10 or later. What Is Brain Coupling? The Epiphany Of A Kiss TestTube 3:33 TestTube 2:49 TestTube 3:24 TestTube 3:45 TestTube 2:38 TestTube 3:57 TestTube 1:59 TestTube 1:54 TestTube 3:12 TestTube 2:09 TestTube 2:33 TestTube 2:30 TestTube 2:41 Gaming News Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Behind the Scenes with Sean Bean (Official) Why "Dishonored 2" Is My Favorite Universe Prey, Death Stranding, and All the News From the Game Awards GameSpot 1:08 GameSpot 1:15 GameSpot 0:30 GameSpot 1:11 GameSpot 5:37 GameSpot 2:30 Forbes 2:47 […]