Virtual-reality game helps young hemophilia patients endure prickly treatments

Brody Bowman used to receive the IV medication he needs to treat his hemophilia through a port in his chest. But when his health-care team recently switched to the 7-year-old’s arms and hands, the needle sticks caused anxiety, screaming and crying. He had to be held still. That’s why his mom, Gabby Bowman, was a bit surprised when Brody began sitting through the pokes with barely a stir. The calming effect came from a virtual-reality gaming system created to help pediatric hemophilia patients deal with the needles they face, sometimes as often as three times a week. “He gets […]

Virtual reality app to teach road safety to children

Enable it in your browser or download Flash Player here .Sorry, you need Flash to play this. Have pupils learned enough to give the road safety app a green light? Media captionHave pupils learned enough to give the road safety app a green light? An app using similar technology to Pokemon Go is being developed to help teach road safety to primary school children. Pupils will be able to learn road-crossing skills through the "virtual reality" game. The app has been developed by University of South Wales (USW) academics, who have received £67,500 funding from the Road Safety Trust. […]

Did you hear the one about the virtual reality comedy show?

SHARE THIS ADVERTISEMENT A stand-up comedy show will be filmed in Ottawa using VR technology, for people to watch on their phones with special headsets. The phone technology is a dialed-down version of what this man is wearing at Ottawa VR parlour Colony VR, which is sponsoring the event. (Devyn Barrie/ Watching stand-up comedy on YouTube is one thing, but one comedian is hoping to make virtual reality stand-up the next big thing in Canada — starting with a first taping in Ottawa on Monday. Absolute Comedy on Preston Street will host Absolute 360, the inaugural recording for a […]

Virtual Reality Pioneer Founds Tech Startup To Patrol Borders

Palmer Luckey’s new venture uses technology to police borders and large events. Considered as ‘disgraced’ by many in Silicon Valley, for his political leanings, Luckey is still the founder of Oculus, the VR firm bought out by Facebook in 2014 for $3 billion. Leaving Facebook earlier this year in the midst of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against his former employees hasn’t seemingly done anything to dent his enthusiasm. Palmer Luckey: 24 years old, worth millions and has been on the cover of TIme magazine. White House His new new surveillance start-up intends to use the same combination of camera […]

Automakers mix virtual reality with the real world

A glimpse into the future: JLR customers immerse themselves in virtual reality. Forget glossy brochures and the pantomime of buying a new car. Game software and wearable technology is changing the way we shop. Consumers in shopping centres or sitting at home can now visualise their next yet-to-be-launched car in any configuration using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of research snapshots, this one takes a look at how, from engineering and styling to marketing and retail, VR continues to surprise and delight. Virtual Reality is the name of the game Behind every compelling video game is […]

Farm virtual reality launched in Rockhampton

Tim Gentle explains to Laken Peacock, 15, Blackall, that he can look up, down, and all around him through the headset for a full 360 degree view. Imagine sitting in your living room in your comfiest tracksuit, but looking around you and seeing and hearing all the sounds of life on a farm. Farm VR was launched at the Rockhampton Show by Tim Gentle, Think Digital, and the virtual reality experience is really something you can barely imagine. The technology immerses you into various farms to highlight food comes from, different careers and the types of technology being used […]

Taiwan’s HTC says virtual reality headset will be compatible with Apple’s new OS

FILE PHOTO: The Apple logo is seen on a computer screen in an illustration photo taken in Bordeaux, France, February 1, 2017. Taiwanese consumer electronics maker HTC Corp on Tuesday said its virtual reality (VR) headset will be compatible with Apple Inc’s High Sierra operating system (OS), which is scheduled for release later this year. HTC’s Vive headset works in conjunction with Valve’s SteamVR virtual reality system, and Apple is working with Valve to make SteamVR compatible with its new OS, the U.S. tech firm said in a separate statement on Monday. Compatibility with Apple’s Macintosh computers would greatly […]

Apple officially announces support for virtual reality in macOS at WWDC’17

This year’s WWDC speech was an important one as we witnessed Apple adopt most of the trending technologies and building upon them in their true fashion. While it had been insistently talking about augmented reality (AR) over the past year, it not only debuted tools for the same but also support for virtual reality in its desktop operating system — macOS High Sierra . The said version of the operating system is the very first one to include virtual reality support, which has been made possible due to the introduction of Metal 2 graphics engine — a notable upgrade […]

Care or control? First Indian Virtual Reality film will explain the difference

The lead actor talks to the camera As Kya Yahi Pyar Hai begins, its protagonist Anuja invites us to step into her shoes. We don’t spot her in the frame, but for those seven minutes, we’re lost in her world. That’s considering she is played by a Go Pro camera that offers a 360-degree view of each setting. As we drag the cursor through a park, we spot Anuja’s boyfriend, Manoj, sitting on a bench. He is chatting with her (us, the viewers) about his usual day at work until he spots a man walk by. He believes his […]

SA’s first virtual film almost a reality

Image: Gallo Images/Thinkstock Two Cape Town film students armed with a 360-degree camera and a custom remote control dolly are trying to completely reshape South Africa’s movie industry. The unlikely duo of a former production assistant for Velocity Films and a Finnish marketing director had both become disenchanted with the direction film was headed. Then‚ because of chance encounters‚ they became infatuated with the new medium of virtual reality (VR). “You can be at the most exciting movie‚ but there are still certain parts where it gets boring: ‘Hmm‚ I’ve seen this before.’ But VR is completely new. The […]

SteamVR Coming to Mac as Apple Embraces Virtual Reality

Apple held its Worldwide Developers Conference today. Apple HTC Vive will work with Mac’s newest operating system, coming in fall Today at its Worldwide Developers Conference Apple conference the technology giant finally showed virtual reality some love. The latest macOS, High Sierra, will support VR, and we got to see a demo featuring the HTV Vive headset and Darth Vader. It may have only been a small segment of a long keynote that also included Toy Story watch faces, but the fact that Apple is ready to bet on VR shows that it’s still the hot new thing in […]

Xbox Scorpio VR could be wireless, but don’t expect to see it at E3 2017

Microsoft has opted not to show off the virtual reality capabilities of its new Xbox Scorpio console at its forthcoming E3 press conference . Although the company has gone on record promising support for mixed reality handsets, it is focusing on the Windows 10 platform for now. Microsoft technical fellow Alex Kipman told Polygon : “We believe that right now a Windows PC is the best platform for mixed reality as its open ecosystem and enormous installed base offer the best opportunity for developers, and Windows offers the most choices for consumers.” However, although Windows 10 will be first […]

Thought video games were only for teenage boys? Not according to the brand bringing virtual reality to the spa… Is this the future of facials?

Natura Bisse creates ground-breaking beauty products It spent two years developing and honing ‘The Mindful Touch’ treatment The idea is to translate the fashion for mindfulness into the beauty world To help quieten the constant chattering in the brain, which is the main source of our worry, anxiety and stress Lying back on an ultra-comfortable facialist’s couch, I stare in fascination at the scenes swamping my vision. From the outside, the virtual reality headset I’m wearing may look cumbersome, but here on the inside, it’s all space and wonderment. A disembodied female voice — I’ll call her Sofia — […]

Stellar virtual reality is coming to PC, according to Nvidia

The year’s biggest games industry conference, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), wrapped up this week and featured some exciting virtual reality announcements and highlights — more than ever before. In fact, there were twice the amount of VR companies at E3 2017 than were at last year’s conference. The industry is growing. Despite this growth, a lot of gamers remain unimpressed with the VR scene right now. The true age of VR seems a ways down the road, even with PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift making some headway. It’s just not quite as exciting and impressive as you want it […]

Spider-Man: Homecoming getting virtual reality experience on PlayStation VR, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift

Sony and Intel have teamed up to offer a Spider-Man: Homecoming virtual reality experience on PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. You can check out a tease of the experience below: “This collaboration is a first for Intel and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, starting a new era in Intel/Hollywood VR production partnerships using premium cinema content,” said Intel’s Doug Fisher. “Together with our silicon, the pervasive power of the Intel software ecosystem offers VR content and game developers the opportunity to create fully immersive experiences that bring the next evolution of compute to mainstream audiences. We are excited […]

Oxfam launches VR film, trials 3D printing and sensor tech

International charity Oxfam is leveraging new technologies to spread the word about crises happening around the globe, as well as exploring the use of 3D printing, drones and internet of things sensors as new ways of delivering aid and solving problems in the developing world. On Tuesday, Oxfam is set to launch a virtual reality film called Evelyn’s Story, allowing viewers to experience the arduous journey of an 11-year-old Kenyan girl searching for water in the drought-ridden Turkana county. When Oxfam filmed the short film (which was made in conjunction with the Sydney-based production company Flimgraphics and Alt VFX), […]

Virtual reality turbine training materialises in Scotland

Image: Fife College A virtual reality training laboratory for the offshore wind industry has been unveiled in Scotland . The Immersive Hybrid Reality (iHR) facility at Fife College aims to provide a realistic training environment for offshore wind turbine technicians, meaning they can learn more cheaply and safely than previously possible. The technology allows students to conduct detailed fault-finding inspections at the top of a virtual 7MW offshore wind turbine. The unique hybrid element combines the real and virtual worlds by allowing users to see their own hands, feet, tools and manuals, whilst also seeing the view from the […]

OtherLife review – virtual reality goes bad in ambitious Australian sci-fi thriller

It is not uncommon for films about drug users to contain closeup shots of pupils dilating. This is hardly surprising given closeups of eyes have long been fashionable in cinema; the famous opening of Luis Buñuel’s 1929 classic Un Chien Andalou comes to mind. And after a hit of the good stuff, eyeballs look fabulous on screen, as films like Requiem for a Dream remind us. Australian writer/director Ben C Lucas’s sophomore feature, OtherLife, joins the crazy-eyed canon in its opening moments, peppered with near full-screen vision of a narcotic-infused peeper. Except the drug in question in this low-budget […]

We’re at the virtual reality tipping point… even if the headsets are still bulky and awkward

It’s 1994. My stepdad is in a department store, having a serious conversation into an exceptionally bulky mobile phone. I was about 13 at the time and remember vividly as the two girls at the cosmetic counter were mimicking him. To be fair, it was a highly unusual sight. It was “random” as their modern counterparts might say. Here was a man having an everyday conversation from the middle of a department store! Not at home. Not in a phone booth. It was a public display of incredibly odd behaviour. Five years later, I was in my final year […]

AT&T event to bring distracted-driving risks to virtual life

Dave McDermand/The Eagle A law passed by the city of College Station in November bans the hands-on use of cell phones while driving — a position that will be expanded statewide this fall by legislation outlawing the use of mobile phones to text while driving. Wireless provider AT&T is hosting a virtual reality demonstration of distracted driving in College Station today, giving participants the chance to experience a 360-degree simulation of how digital distractions in the car can have serious consequences. The free demonstration is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Lincoln Recreation Center. Officials said […]