SA Police receive VR firearms training simulator system

Image: VirTra A new virtual reality (VR) firearms training simulator system is up and running at the South Australian Police Academy. The new system is the first upgrade of the SA Police firearms training simulator in more than 10 years. Deputy Commissioner Linda Williams said the 300-degree simulator system at the Taperoo-based academy will provide improved firearms training to officers. Developed by Tempe, Arizona-based Virtra, the simulator provides 3D audio and special effects to hone the judgement, decision-making, and tactics of police officers via a simulated live fire range. "The Virtra virtual reality simulator firearms and Tactical Option Simulator […]

Using Experiential Design to Expand VR Presence Theory

Dustin Chertoff has pulled experiential design insights from the advertising world to come up with a more holistic theory of Presence in virtual reality. In 2008, he was in graduate school and was dissatisfied with the major theories of VR Presence. His gaming experience showed him how much of his feeling of immersion was related to the content of the game. He wrote an essay published in the journal Presence where he laid out what he saw were the two major limitations of VR Presence theory at that time. LISTEN TO THE VOICES OF VR PODCAST “First, many models […]

SA Police step into simulator for firearms training

SA Police cadets and Special Task And Rescue (STAR) officers are going high-tech using virtual reality technology for firearms training. The technology worth $480,000 surrounds police officers with a 300-degree screen that plays out real-life situations such as a domestic violence or drug-related incidents. Much like a video game, officers use simulated tasers or firearms that, when fired at the screen, mimic injuring or killing a target. Deputy Police Commissioner Linda Williams said the technology allowed officers to practise communicating with violent people or, if a situation escalated, use prepper spray or ultimately a firearm. Deputy Commissioner Williams hoped […]

Smartphone-Centric Enhanced Headsets Key to Mass VR Adoption in India

The year gone by was touted as that of Virtual Reality (VR). In reality, with just $2.7 billion in revenue in 2016, it is yet to take off as consumer VR content still lacks the ability to ensure huge adoption globally, including in India. When it comes to India, where the number of smartphone users is growing exponentially, mobile VR is definitely the future for the mass adoption of this immersive experience. The promise of growth, however, comes with riders. Since VR is a highly individual experience where users are drawn into a virtual world — cut off from […]

Stoke City To Begin Training Goalkeepers Using Virtual Reality

English Premier League team Stoke City announced that its goalkeepers will now be trained using virtual reality. The club is partnering with Dutch company Beyond Sports and will also use the company’s VR technology to analyze match performances. The company offers two different options for it VR training service, with a “plug and play” providing ready-made training scenarios for players, while a custom option enables clubs to tailor-made scenarios based off their own data. This training focuses on four key areas including on-field spatial awareness, decision-making, high pressure in-game scenarios and a high frequency of scenarios packed into a […]

Smart glove translates sign language into digital text

Language of glove: wearable device translates gestures A smart glove that translates American Sign Language (ASL) into digital text has been developed by scientists at the University of California, San Diego. Timothy O’Connor, Darren Lipomi and colleagues reckon that their device can be produced for less than $100 and could also find use in virtual-reality and remote-control systems. Most systems for monitoring body movement involve using a camera or infrared emitters and sensors to capture motion. While such systems are effective, they can be bulky, inflexible and require large amounts of energy. As a result, researchers are keen to […]

For SpectreVision Gaming is key to the Future of Virtual Reality Storytelling

VRFocus recently caught up with Kyle McCullough the VP for Digital and Gaming from SpectreVision, the firm set up by actor Elijah Wood and movie directors Daniel Noah and Josh C.Waller, to discuss why SpectreVision has moved into virtual reality (VR), the future of storytelling, SpectreVision’s relationship with Ubisoft and how it came to make Transference . Transference, a psychological, story-driven, thriller videogame. The experience shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) last month was a prequel to the finished title currently in development. It’s due to be released for the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive in […]

Flexpoint Sensor Systems Receives Record Purchase Order Volume from Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Partners

As previously announced, VR/AR hardware platforms produced by such notable companies as HTC, Oculus, Sony and others offer rich and powerful technologies. Major technological advances in hardware, software and peripherals have enabled this market to expand and experience remarkable growth. As projected, Flexpoint is now realizing significant revenue contribution from numerous VR/AR peripheral technology development companies. Last year, analyst Deloitte Global, correctly predicted virtual reality (VR) would have its first billion dollar year . Additionally, a Goldman Sachs report estimated the combined virtual reality and augmented reality market, (hardware and software), will reach $95B in market size by 2025. […]

‘One Piece: Grand Cruise’ PSVR Game Announced

A promotional image for "One Piece: Grand Cruise." Bandai Namco Entertainment has finally made official "One Piece: Grand Cruise," a brand-new PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) exclusive game based on the hit manga and anime franchise "One Piece." The dedicated website for the upcoming game is also now live, in which a couple of screenshots from the game can be viewed as well as some basic information. The official description for this "One Piece" VR game reads: A pirate’s life is fun, but dangerous. Go on a journey to the ocean together with the Straw Hat Pirates. The player is […]

Smashbox Arena Developers Release PlayStation VR Gameplay Videos

Competitive multiplayer title Smashbox Arena has already delighted players on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with its simple, fast-paced combat, and back in May, developers BigBox VR announced that they were bringing the title to PlayStation VR, and have now released three videos showing what it will look like on Sony’s virtual reality (VR) platform. Smashbox Arena is a team-based first-person shooter that offers fast-paced action and over-the-top physics driver power-ups to make the action within the arena maps even more ridiculous. The title has a single-player story mode in addition to the multiplayer which delivers three possible […]

Is 2018 the Year Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream?

Facebook ‘s (NASDAQ: FB) Oculus is reportedly planning to release a stand-alone virtual reality device next year to retail for just $200. The goal is to push VR into the mainstream. Virtual reality has been a niche product for the better part of 30 years. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a big bet that VR is going to be the next big computing platform when his company bought Oculus for $2 billion in 2014. Oculus released its first consumer product, the Rift, last year. While the device is relatively affordable, it requires users to hook it up to […]

Experience X Games Minneapolis with Samsung VR to Scope Out the Action in Virtual Reality

BMX on a street ramp. Photo by: X Games is wrapping up today with extreme sports and events taking place in Minneapolis. Samsung VR captured highlights and one-on-one moments with athletes from X Games 2017. X Games has recently uploaded the virtual reality videos to their YouTube channel. Browse over the YouTube Playlist . For viewers with Gear VR equipment, the highlights can be accessed through the Samsung VR application. Samsung compatible phones with Samsung VR include: Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung Galaxy S6 […]

Marvel is bringing its superheroes to VR with a new Oculus-exclusive game

The Incredible Hulk and some of his other box office money-grabbing super pals will be coming to the world of virtual reality. Marvel Powers United VR , announced at Disney’s D23 event on Saturday, will allow players a chance to step into the shoes of some familiar heroes as they destroy lots of stuff in VR. Powers United VR, an Oculus-exclusive , looks pretty similar to existing VR wave shooters like Robo Recall, though its multiplayer could spice things up a bit. The main highlight will obviously be having IP from Marvel; players will be able to choose from […]

Disney’s New Augmented Reality Game Will let you Play Like a Real Jedi

Sneak peek of the latest Disney AR game, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges showcasing Lenovo’s AR headset. | LENOVO just created an augmented reality, Star Wars game that will let people play like a real Jedi Knight! Yesterday, at the 2017 D23 Expo in Anaheim, Disney unveiled the Star Wars™: Jedi Challenges , an augmented reality game that will allow anyone to undergo some of the most iconic experiences from the famous movie. Some of these experiences will include the ability to battle AR Star War toys, wield a lightsaber , and play the Holochess . Just imagine igniting a […]