Virtual reality: Disruptive or destructive?

If you dislike putting on those sticky, ill-fitting 3D glasses given out at movie theatres for watching 3D films, chances are you won’t be wildly excited about donning Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to take in a virtual reality experience. Besides, at first glance, VR headsets look more like wearables for obsessive gamers than for people who can’t live without their PlayStations. Yet virtual reality (VR) is fast becoming today’s “it” technology. It is finding new and exciting applications — not just in entertainment, but a host of other industries such as tourism, real estate, health, education, media, fashion, design […]

Startup commercializing virtual reality sickness solutions, helps move virtual reality mainstream

David Whittinghill, works with Richelle Fosu, a doctoral student in technology at Purdue, researching different applications that could benefit from the use of a virtual reality nose. The virtual reality nose could be implemented in to a … Virtual reality sickness has become a major challenge in the virtual reality space, hindering product launches and mainstream adoption. Despite such challenges, 2016 is being called "the year of virtual reality." Startup Virtualis LLC is commercializing innovations developed at Purdue University that could allow better virtual reality experiences for users, decreasing the effects of VR sickness and increasing the amount of […]

Robot Brings The Feeling Of Touch To Virtual Reality

A PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast decided to create a robot which would create the illusionary feeling of touching virtual objects, the first step along a long timeline of making “The Matrix” a reality. As the user pushes a wooden box in virtual reality, the robot simulates the resistance of pushing a real box. We’re not at the stopping-bullets-with-the-power-of-your-mind stage just yet. Give us time.