Virtual Reality Tech Takes Its Place in New Media Art Programs

Virtual reality tech is taking on a bigger role in the 3D pedagogy being practiced at the CADRE (Computers in Art, Design, Research, and Education) Laboratory for New Media Art at San Jose State University. Educators and students at the Lab – the second oldest in the country to offer a Digital Media Art (DMA) program – are exploring opportunities to apply commercial 3D technologies in VR settings for purely artistic purposes. Pivoting off the Bauhaus-influenced and experimental 3D methodology developed by Claudia Hart at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, SJSU assistant professor and CADRE Media […]

Event report: Top 5 experiences at the Virtual Reality Show

This month, London hosted a ground-breaking Virtual Reality Show giving 10,000 attendees the opportunity to try out VR products, and meet the top brands and innovators working in VR today. Our team went to investigate… StarTracker brings full movement to VR Mo-Sys Engineering, the London-based developer of StarTracker, demonstrated its automatic, real-time optical camera tracking system for use in VR and AR production at the show. StarTracker was purpose built for virtual studio camera tracking. This, the company said, makes it particularly good for use in virtual and augmented reality production. Since StarTracker’s introduction last year, Mo-Sys said it […]

A flight of fancy with virtual reality

Travel company Navitaire has unveiled what they say is the world’s first virtual reality travel search and booking experience. Your next flight may be booked in virtual reality, with a company called Navitaire today unveiling what it says is the world’s first virtual reality travel search and booking experience. Navitaire, which was acquired by Spanish tech giant Amadeus in January last year, says its new prototype lets travellers spin the globe, search for flights, walk through a plane to select their seat and pay for their entire trip within virtual reality. “I see a future in which the internet […]

BIMobject® releases two Virtual Reality solutions for the construction industry

At tomorrow’s AIA Conference on Architecture 2017 in Orlando, Florida, USA, BIMobject AB ("BIMobject") launches two different Virtual Reality solutions tailored to building product manufacturers and BIM projects: BIMobject® VR and BIMobject® AR. BIMobject® VR and BIMobject® AR give building product manufacturers the ability to use virtual products to visualise their projects. Connecting this technology to the platform BIMobject® Cloud creates the unparalleled opportunity of utilising the vast catalogue of digital objects, so-called BIM objects, that BIMobject already provides. Both solutions utilise these digital versions of real products that have been created by manufacturers and used by architects, engineers […]

Facebook Spaces Changes Reality for VR Entrepreneurs

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showing off Oculus Touch last year. The gesture controls are key accessories for Facebook Spaces. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showing off Oculus Touch last year. The gesture controls are key accessories for Facebook Spaces. GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP/Getty Images Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showing off Oculus Touch last year. The gesture controls are key accessories for Facebook Spaces. GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP/Getty Images We said that 2017 would be the year for socializing in virtual reality , and then the biggest social network in the world dropped rocket fuel on the social VR fire with Facebook Spaces . The […]

Xbox Scorpio VR is a thing, just not yet

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Development Edition headset By next year, you’ll be able to play virtual reality games on your Xbox Scorpio, at least if Microsoft keeps its word you will. “Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018,” according to a press release the company put out earlier this year. And judging by the release of the upcoming console’s specs today , the company is certainly planning to do just that. As Digital Foundry reports , every part of the new console’s hardware is a significant […]

Just How Big Is The Virtual Reality Market And Where Is It Going Next?

Graph showing number of units sold by VR giants in 2016 DATA SOURCE: SuperData – 2016 was a pivotal year for the Virtual Reality industry but just how pivotal? Almost 100 million VR units shipped, pivotal. The trouble is… most of those (96%) were Google Cardboard – the pretty much free and bottom-end of the VR spectrum. These units offer little that is anywhere near the experience of the higher-end units focusing on or around with 360-video rather than full VR. So is full VR’s goose cooked? Absolutely not. 2017 looks like it will be a good year […]

Study: Virtual Reality Therapy Could Reduce Pain for Hospitalized Patients

Virtual reality therapy can be effective in significantly reducing pain for hospitalized patients, according to a new study conducted at Los Angeles-based Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In the study, published online by JMIR Mental Health , investigators examined 100 hospitalized patients who reported pain scores of greater than 3 on the Numeric Pain Rating Scale, which runs from 0 to 10. For the study, 50 patients received virtual reality therapy consisting of wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles to watch calming video content such as helicopter rides over scenic portions of Iceland, or imagery of swimming in the ocean with whales. […]

Virtual Reality Porn Data Suggests Gear VR 13X More Popular Than Google Daydream

Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality (VR) headset is getting a lot more use than all of its VR headset competitors, according to new data from VR porn specialist BadoinkVR (website not safe for work). The company, which produces and distributes adult videos optimized for virtual reality headsets, told Variety this week that it has seen 40 percent of its usage come from Gear VR this year. That’s close to double the usage of the next-most-popular headset, which happens to be Google Cardboard with 23 percent. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive together accounted for 25 percent of all video downloads […]

Drake’s New Mansion Will Soon Be a Virtual Reality Game

No matter how successful Drake gets (from starring on Degrassi to becoming a Grammy Award–winning artist), he’s made it clear that he’ll never forget his Canadian roots. Last year, the rapper purchased a $35 million mansion in his hometown of Toronto. And even though the home is still being developed , fans are already envisioning what the final product will look like. Enter Drizzy Manor , a project created by Toronto-based virtual reality studio OPIATS. It’s a virtual reality experience based on blueprints and drone footage of Drake’s new home. On its website, OPIATS talks about how Drizzy Manor […]

Drop of Doom ride a virtual plunge in fear

Queensbury This isn’t for the squeamish. Six Flags Great Escape is offering a new virtual reality attraction that combines a fear of spiders with a fear of heights. Drop of Doom VR, as it will be called, is opening in July at the Queensbury theme park, according to an announcement Thursday from Six Flags, which is working with Samsung Electronics America on the virtual reality project. Great Escape isn’t the first park to get Drop of Doom. Six Flags over Georgia introduced it this spring. Six Flags described it as a "high-speed virtual ascent 1,000 feet in the air […]

Virtual reality finds a new use in conquering depression

Depressed people can see negativity everywhere, even a passing glance from a stranger can be taken as disapproval. … by Paul Biegler Two things surprised me when I faced Shane Warne’s devilish googly on centre pitch at a packed MCG. The first was that I lobbed the chisel-jawed celeb for six. The second was that, when the crowd stood up and roared approval, I turned to them and waved my bat in appreciation. The virtual crowd that is. I was, of course, dispatching Warney in an immersive virtual reality (VR) cricket game. But I had never expected it to […]

Gear VR headset offers affordable virtual reality experience

Virtual reality has become really popular within the last couple of years or so, and for good reason. It provides us with a unique, immersive experience previously seen only in science fiction movies. Samsung released their Gear VR headset back in November 2015, and while there are many on the market, this particular one is known for giving customers a lot of bang for their buck. I got one of these for Christmas after it was marked down by 50 percent, and I thought, given the fact that I got a Samsung smartphone the previous year, it’d be fun […]

Inside the Story: A virtual reality experience opens in NYC, Dubai and Lindon, Utah

(KUTV) Across an open field on the east side of Interstate 15 in Lindon, Utah, is a unique building containing the latest in virtual reality technology. They call it The Void. People suit up in a vest, helmet, and weapon, and walk through a special door to experience a make-believe world. "When you go in wearing these goggles and this vest, you don’t just see this world around you; you can actually reach out and touch it," described Curtis Hickman, co-founder of The Void. In this virtual reality world, you become a Ghostbuster. Your job is to fight off […]

Virtual Reality: Growth Engine for Fashion?

A headset by Oculus Rift | Source: Courtesy LONDON, United Kingdom — When Apple’s iPhone first appeared nearly 10 years ago, few could fathom the extent to which it would transform our daily lives. Today, much like mobile before it, a rising technology platform has the potential to create what Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan called “new patterns of human association,” unleashing a tsunami of innovation. For years, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) — a view of the real world that has been “augmented” by layers of computer-generated content — have been the stuff of science fiction. […]

Virtual-reality system for the elderly wins health care prize

Virtual reality is quickly gaining steam in the gaming industry. But an MIT startup is now aiming the technology at a different demographic, putting it to use as a health care tool for the elderly. At last night’s MIT Sloan Healthcare Innovations Prize pitch competition, Rendever earned the $25,000 grand prize for creating a virtual-reality platform that gives residents in assisted-living facilities the chance to explore the world virtually. The platform also provides cognitive therapy and tracks movement data to aid in early diagnosis of dementia. “We’re using virtual reality to improve the way we age, so you don’t […]

The brain of a HERO: Virtual reality test reveals what makes some people risk their lives to save others

Would you stop to help an injured stranger from a fire, even though it could mean risking your own life? That’s the scenario a team of researchers recreated in a virtual reality simulation, set up to test what is happening in our brains when choose to be selfless. And their results show that physical differences exist in the brains of people who ‘do the right thing’. Scroll down for videos Researchers from the International School for Advanced Studies immersed participants in a virtual reality building fire. They were asked whether they wanted to save their own lives by escaping […]

Buzz Aldrin explains his new virtual-reality Mars experience

Pinterest Buzz Aldrin has the distinct honor of being one of only 12 men who have ever walked on the moon. All these years later, he’s still got big plans. Aldrin wants NASA and modern space programs to build on his past achievements and take them further, all the way to Mars. But in Aldrin’s vision, humans won’t just walk on Mars or plant a flag there; they’ll build an entire, self-sustaining colony. This vision is fully laid out in Aldrin’s new virtual-reality experience for Life VR , Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars , which premiered at South […]

Psychologists using virtual reality to help treat PTSD in veterans

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Virtual reality is no longer reserved for entertainment and gamers, its helping solve real-world problems. Some of the latest advancements are being demonstrated at South by Southwest. Dr. Skip Rizzo directs the Medical Virtual Reality Lab at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies. He’s helping veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He’s up teamed with Dell to develop and spread the technology to more people. “This is a trauma-based methodology where basically you’re asking the patient to go back and confront and process the difficult emotional memories that surround the trauma,” […]

Apple could bring its own VR to future iPhones with this connected headset design

Apple might be working on its own VR rig, like this design from Alcatel. Will we ever be able to have Apple-designed virtual reality adventures using our iPhones? The tech giant’s approach to VR has been cautious and quiet compared to peers like Google and Samsung , which are diving headlong into the development of practical consumer platforms. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t contemplating how it might someday dominate the space when the time is right. The company today was granted a new patent for a remote controlled head-mounted display system to house an iPhone. The language of […]